Earth Angels Photography – Home

This is the blog for Earth Angels Photography by Amy Patterson. A photographer’s journal of sorts. We tend to be exhibitionists, of sorts; we like to show our stuff to others.

Said stuff being, of course, our captures and images; the stuff we see through the lens.

For me, photography is a chance to see something ordinary in a special way, or to capture a moment of beauty. To explore and discover and see what was previously hidden; or to reveal what was perhaps simply unnoticed or unappreciated.

Very often when I’ve got my camera in front of my face and I’m seeing something interesting or beautiful or fascinating, I’m already thinking about showing what I’m seeing to my friends and family. Cool stuff is supposed to be shared.

I have a gallery website and I also have a shop on Etsy where you can go to look and to buy, if you’re so moved or inclined. I use those sites to showcase my best work only.

This blog is for my indulgence. To share part of my journey and experiences while I’ve got my camera in hand. I’ve almost always got the dogs with me, so if you love dogs, you’ll enjoy your visits here.

You’ll meet Sammi, Cookie, Andie, and Franki the Blue-Eyed Wonder Dog.


You’ll see some of my more artistic images here, like the dew-dappled daffodil at the top of the page, but this will be mostly for fun only. Or to add some perspective and context to the images that end up as a gallery piece.

Here, I’ll take you along once in a while as we hike and explore and find cool stuff to photograph. Feel free to leave comments or feedback. I’d love to hear from you.


Your Feedback and Comments are Appreciated!

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